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Pergola Reflecting Pool

"We 're passionate about

bringing spaces to life,

together with you!"


Green Touches Garden Division

Client   Testimonial

"Earth environments did an excellent job listening to our vision and helping to synthesize our thoughts into the magnificent pond, landscaping and waterfall we have today. Their team acted as the catalyst for some critical suggested improvements. Their ability to understand the foundation of what we wanted and what was needed to make it happen was top notch. Jason’s unique ability to draw pictures and designs of the finished product really helped us see what was possible. They were true professionals from start to finish and we have become friends through the process.


I can say without reservation that I will use them again and would recommend anyone to work with them."


Brad & Jill Seitzinger

Creating, Enhancing, and Preserving Our Treasured Earthly Environments

What is an Earth Environment?

A physical area or building, created with precision and care to enhance your surroundings and enable you and your community to attain a more fulfilling experience.

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