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Project School's purpose is to share knowledge, promote education, and deliver training in the fields of site integration, preservation, existing structures and landscaping of site and yard in an effort to promote healthier living. 


Vision Summary 

Washington Institute of Art, Living Sciences, and Entrepreneurship


 About Project School


The founder and owner of Earth Environments, Jason Arnott, has a passion for educating others about architecture, landscaping, history, sustainable living and many other aspects of his work. His passion to share knowledge within his community lead him to dream up the concept for a school project that would teach skills and best-practices that are not normally taught within the current education system. Project School would focus on teaching proficiency that is very important for people to grasp in order to succeed in everyday life and excel within their communities. The school would be open to anyone who is interested in learning and promoting healthy living.

Turning the Vision into Reality

Currently, Earth Environments is in the design and planning phase of Project School. We are working hard to accomplish all of the aspects that go into making the pilot for Project School a full-use structure where classes would be taught. We have drawn up a number of preliminary 3D visual designs that will help to illustrate the look and feel we are developing. We are beginning to search for qualified instructors who would teach our classes. The perfect candidates would be individuals who have a passion for education and enjoy teaching real-life solutions to normal every day problems. So think more along the lines of a class that focuses on the benefits of organic food over non-organic food, or how to start growing your own food right in your backyard, rather than a high school-like science class about photosynthesis. Sure, photosynthesis is important, but project School will be focusing more on everyday applications of knowledge that can help people immediately to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Our 5-Year Goal

Earth Environments would like to see Project School in full operation by 2020. We have many essential components already in place and are excited to continue following the projects momentum into the coming years. We already have a botanist lined up as our first instructor and we have our eye on a parcel of property that we think is a perfect place to implement our first site. Keep checking back with us as we continue to update our website and social media with exciting new developments. 

Design Gallery

Below is a gallery showing our preliminary 3D design concepts for our Project School buildings. These multi-use, Learn-Live-Work facilities would be perfectly appropriate for lectures, classroom learning, seminars, private tutoring and educations round tables. 

Aerial View
Park Like Setting
Blending with Nature
Live Learn Work Unit
Open Floor Plan
Entryway Approach
Drone View
Art and Science

How You Can Help

Project School is a community-based initiative, meaning we want this school to serve the community and the needs of its residents. Please contact us and let us know what ideas you have for a community-based school system. Tell us what you feel is lacking in your current school or school that you have attended. What would you like your experience to learn be that is more relevant to ones current lifestyles and future? Send us your ideas here



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