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About Hemp


In terms of the environment, utilizing hemp within the construction and design industry has a wide variety of benefits. The material  is able to sequester carbon dioxide emissions,  which can contribute to slowing down the process of climate change. Another example of its benefits is hemp insulation panels. They can replace non renewable, energy consuming insulation materials, and have proven to be just as effective. Incorporating Hemp into Residential and Commercial applications will reduce our overall carbon footprint. Making it an environmentally friendly material.

We are also looking into creating Paper Products with Hemp. Creating a more renewable, sustainable and, environmentally conscious method of production.

During our research, we are also noticing that Bees love Hemp. This information can be used to help increase and sustain the Bee population, which is crucial to the environment! Check out our Video below!


Concrete composed partly of hemp can be used in many different construction materials. This includes plaster, floor slabs, roof insulation, and many other structural applications. The hemp infused concrete is less susceptible to cracks due to its durability, and it is more sustainable to manufacture. The plants grows quickly and are an environmentally friendly alternative to fiberglass enhanced concrete.


The benefits seem to be boundless, including the fact that it is more cost-effective. Thus, not only is it stronger and ecological, it is also cheaper to produce.


Utilizing hemp in construction is not a new concept. In fact, its use can be seen throughout history. The Romans, for example, were able to incorporate it into mortar to construct a bridge. More recently, France began to develop insulation materials derived from hemp, with other European countries following shortly afterwards. Hemp concrete is naturally absent of the nutrients for parasites, so no protection is needed, unlike other more commonly used plant based materials. Hemp is also known to provide great insulation, and is less susceptible to flames. Utilizing Hemp Products in the Construction of Tiny Homes can be beneficial in multiple ways. Hemp Tiny Homes can be used as Cottages, Dog Houses, or even low-income housing working with Communities that are in need.

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