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What to Expect

Landscape Drawing

"I thought I just wanted a small deck. What I really wanted was a complete over haul of my back yard. Earth Environments did such a beautiful job that I was asked to be on the Local Garden Walk that summer." 


              ~ Sue Kane, Romeo, Michigan



Our flat rate for an intial one-hour meeting is a low rate of $75. At the initial meeting we will review your site, discuss 

your vision, offer suggestions and discuss what you can expect from our team, including timeline, pricing and available options. If you decide to continue partnering with us, the $75 fee will be waived upon completion of your project. 


Research & Design


After our initial meeting we will require a base design fee will enable our team to begin researching your project's viability and to develop a design plan for your custom project. We begin with research and a full design before we can accurately provide a thorough cost proposal. We will discuss with you the multiple choices you have regarding your design plan, which can include 2D designs, 3D designs as well as virtual 3D digital video walk-throughs where we can take you on a tour through your new property enhancement.


This is an example of a 2D design:

This is an example of a 3D design:

Image on Website Example - What to Expect

This is an example of a virtual 3D digital video walk-through:

Presentation of Design, Cost Proposal & Project Initiation


Once we have the design work and the cost analysis complete we will present to you our full conceptual plan for your project. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have at this point. Our goal is to ensure that we are in open communication with you about the expectations for the project, including cost, specifications and timeline. We will ask you to then sign our project documents to initate the beginning of your project. At this time we will also require a 10% retainer deposit toward the project. This 10% retainer deposit will allow us to schedule your project into our calendar. We will create a payment schedule for you that will outline when payments are due. The payment schedule for the entire project from start to finish will resemble the following:



  1. Consultation Fee (for our visit to your site) - $75

  2. Design Fees (for the research & design of your project)

    • 2D Design ($450-$600) *Landscape Concepts Only

    • 3D Design ($750-$1,000)

    • 3D digital video walk-through ($1,000-$1,500)

    • Custom Packages ($1,500+)



  1. Retainer Deposit Payment (schedule, timeline, management) - 10% of total budget

  2. Project Initiation Payment (due 1 week prior to start date of project) - 60% of total budget

  3. 1st Progress Payment (due while project is underway) - 20% of total budget

  4. 2nd Progress Payment (due while project is underway) - 5% of total budget

  5. Completion of Project Payment (this is the final payment) - Remaining 5% of total budget, plus change orders & extras


*You're particular project or situation may require a payment schedule different than the above outline. We will work with you to outline a payment schedule. 


Project Completion and Future Maintenance


When we have completed your project in full we will schedule a walk-through of your property to ensure that all expectations were met. This is an opportunity for the client to ask any questions and talk over any concerns with us before the final payment has been paid. In addition, we can discuss the future maintenance of your propery and set up an appointment with our GreenTouches Garden Division, who will ensure that your property continues to look beautiful for years to come. 


Our goal is to make sure our clients have an exceptionally pleasant experience with us. Our objectives are always to have clear and transparent communication with you where we will continually review any updates and review project specifications to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Even though the landscape project is complete, we are only a phone call away. We are always available to answer questions or meet on site to check-in on the project. Call us anytime at 586-336-1772.


Additional Information: What Makes Us Different


At Earth Environments we are dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place. Our materials and workmanship are second to none. We strive to bring you the highest quality end-result in everything we do. We use the best plants, trees, stone and materials available. Including, 200 year-old Amish-milled Western Red Cedar. We will do whatever it takes to help create a breathtaking environment for you to enjoy for a lifetime.


Because we are the "pencil and the hammer", we have the perfect combination of design and construction experience, to not only get your project right the first time, but to make it beautiful and functional as well. We are experts in both the design world and the build world. With 20+ years of experience and multiple design awards, our record and portfolio will speak volumes to what dreams we can help you achieve. Our team of professionals will dedicate themselves to bringing your vision to reality.


By doing all of the design and construction of your project we can insure a simplified and direct delivery of your project. With no need for bogging down the process with unneeded communication between a seperate designer and builder, we can eliminate a lot of headache and potential risks. Typically, hiring a designer and a builder results in paying them both a percentage of the cost to finish the project, you may end up paying the premium percentage to both parties. Since we are working as both, you end up saving time and money. We are able to deliver to you an extremely high value for a competitve price.  


What Our Clients Have to Say


Our most valuable asset and what makes us proud is the satisfaction of our past clients. Please take a moment to read what our clients have to say about their experiences with us. 


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