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Jason Arnott grew up in Romeo and graduated from Romeo High School. He founded Earth Environments in 2007 on the basis of quality design principles and the ultimate and ambitious goal of making our world a more beautiful place. Arnott graduated from Lawrence Technological University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture, followed by a Master of Architecture Degree in "the preservation of existing structures".

Since the beginning, Arnott has developed Earth Environments into a premier design, landscape development and research firm winning countless awards and quickly rising to the top of the industry. Earth Environments is committed to building relationships with its customers and courting them through the process of transforming their vision into reality. This dedication towards excellence and customer satisfaction has propelled Earth Environments towards becoming one of the fastest growing and most well respected landscape design firms in the United States.


Executive Assistant

Jo Ann lives in downtown Romeo, Michigan, just minutes from the Earth Environments office. She earned an associate’s degree in business and communication from Macomb Community College and has worked in the area as an executive assistant for over 20 years. Her responsibilities include educating employees through communication workshops, managing fast-paced office activities and being a master of purchasing, administration, accounting, and human resource procedures. Jo Ann has worked for Earth Environments since 2008 and can still be found flipping through before and after photographs of our landscape transformations. She just can’t get enough.  Jo Ann takes on research projects with ease and knows the ins and outs of native plants, gardening and has gained a vast array of priceless industry-specific knowledge. Her favorite on-the-job activities are holding events in downtown Romeo and giving historic and haunted tours on the MI Trolley.  She always comes to the office with a contagious smile and we honestly don’t know what we’d do without her. What can we say, she’s a pro!


Outside of work, she is a dedicated community activist and board member of the Romeo Historical Society and the Romeo MRP. Jo Ann loves gardening and has future plans to create an edible backyard garden. On top of all this, she still fits in time for her four beloved grandchildren and her rescued Golden Retriever ‘Whitney’.


Artist Extraordinaire 

Catherine grew up in Almont, Michigan and graduated from Almont High School. She has worked in Romeo for over a decade where she has gained a wide array of relevant experience. She enjoys painting and drawing and one day her artwork caught the eye of an Earth Environments team member. Lucky for us, Catherine agreed to jump right in and start helping with color landscape drawings. She then lent her green thumb to the Earth Environments team on various work sites; planting and watering flowers and trees. Catherine fit right in since she has always enjoyed gardening and growing her own food. She loves the whole process of planting seedlings to preparing nutritious plant-based meals. Currently, Catherine is attending Blue Heron Academy where she is following her dream of being a Holistic Health Practitioner with a focus on Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. She has a passion for sustainable living and also enjoys practicing as a local Yoga instructor. Her enthusiasm for gardening led her to found the Mama Bean Seed Company, a seed provider for gardening enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor living. In addition, she has helped to establish Earth Environment’s first garden division, Green Touches, in 2015.


Lead Graphic Designer

JP’s college background in computer information systems proves invaluable at Earth Environments as the Lead Graphic Designer. He enjoys transforming 2D design concept drawings into stunning 3D graphic models. JP’s past experience working for plumbers, carpenters, and electricians provided JP with plenty of insight into the more nuanced aspects of the architecture field.  Having been part of the Earth Environments team since 2014, JP has enjoyed the diversity of each individual project and takes on every challenge with an infectious enthusiasm. As he would say, “I've never had a dull day at work, each project is unique in its own way and the designs that Jason creates impress me every time!” JP is a "EE" rock star! He has a never-ending appetite for learning and an extremely humble and approachable demeanor.  Outside of the office, JP enjoys rocking out on the guitar and performing enchanting piano sonatas. When he’s not creating beautiful music or designing the next masterpiece he cherishes spending time with his beautiful family and adorable pets!


Project Manager/Co-Director

Rachel has lived in and around the thumb area and southeast Michigan her whole life. She graduated from Romeo High School and attended Northern Michigan University where she studied architecture, engineering, and design. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in human-centered design. While attending college Rachel worked as a landscaper during the summer months. As a landscaper, she enjoyed the experience she gained and loved being outside and staying active. At Earth Environments Rachel enriches our company’s culture with her appreciation of eco-friendly gardening, perma-culture, and design. Infact, she is focusing much of this energy into our Green Touches garden division which strives to educate people about the benefits of gardening efficiently and helps them to become more self-sustaining. She continually lends her extensive knowledge and education to Earth Environments, adding valuable resource to our office and helping to advance our company’s success. 



Brandon was born and raised right here in southeast Michigan. Luckily, we found him out playing in the dirt and asked him to be a part of our Green Touches garden division. He seems right at home and has enjoyed working on new and exciting gardening projects with our team. When he’s not digging for worms and planting trees he cleans up nicely and is quite the upstanding gentleman who loves playing guitar and shooting arrows at things. Backpacking and bicycle riding are also high on his list of “things you should do to not get bored”.



Born and raised in Romeo, Michigan, and graduating from Romeo High School Jeremy is very familiar with the stomping grounds where Earth Environments like to work and play. In fact that’s why we asked Jeremy to join us, to do a little stomping of his own on our garden projects. Since joining the Garden Touches team he has proved his value with an excitement and drive toward sharing the benefits of living a healthy, self-sustaining life. Jeremy has a close connection with nature; you can see it in his character and in the way that he shares his joy of gardening with others. When he’s not getting dirt underneath his fingernails, Jeremy enjoys practicing Yoga, writing music, riding his bike and dreamily gazing at the stars.


Earth Environment's Official Mascot Pup

Born in Tecumseh, Michigan, Peanut has traveled all the way to Romeo (that’s far for a tiny doggy) to be our beloved mascot. We can’t say enough about this cuddly, cute little pup.  While we work, he is there supporting us. He’s like our little cheerleader, our Tony Robbins. He knows we can do great work and he pushes us to produce work at a high quality standard. He never gives up on us and he’s always encouraging. For example, last week Jason Arnott (owner/founder of Earth Environments) finished a design and showed it to Peanut to gather his feedback. Peanut immediately let out a yelp of glowing encouragement (at least that’s what we think it was). Well, on the other hand he could have just needed to go to the bathroom. At any rate we love our little Peanut and couldn’t imagine working every day without his calming and lovable presence by our side.

Born in southeast Michigan, Sam started building and creating at a very young age. As a child, he would find an electric motor in his dads garage and devise a way to integrate it into his K'Nex creations. After earning his builders license just a few days after his 18th birthday he led on to start his very own construction company. He enjoys taking on any projects that come with plenty of challenges to overcome. "I have never made an excuse to why something could not be built. There is always a way!" Now with over fifteen years of experience, he has become a valued member of the Earth Environments Team.


Sam Morabito

Austin Scott


Austin was born and raised in Detroit, MI, he spent some time living and performing in Nashville, TN before moving back to the D to continue building his career. He has been a valued member of the Earth Environments Team for a very long time. Among his many talents, he's most well known as a guitar player and singer. Austin likes to spend his spare time performing at various venues throughout the states and has made a name for himself as a country musician. A gifted songwriter, and an all around kind person. He works on various projects both in the office and on job sites, and always has a smile on his face. His musical talents have been showcased in every single Earth Environments video presentation. Like his music, he spreads cheerful enjoyment wherever he goes!

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