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Green Touches Flyer
Green Touches Flyer
Green Touches Flyer

What is Green Touches?

Green Touches is the Garden Division of Earth Environments.  We use the most eco-friendly and green practices available, using the top of the line products.  Striving to be more inventive on ways to improve upon sustainability, when it comes to our work, it's an everyday standard.  We care about the environment, and we care about you as a person and as a customer.  We are able to take existing conditions, beautify them, and help keep the existing trees, plants, and shrubs growing healthy.  On the other hand, with our team of visionaries, we are able to creatively produce new garden spaces as well.  Some things that we offer and are very proud of are edible gardens, green screen walls, rain barrels, and raised garden boxes.  The raised garden boxes in particular are a great feature to incorporate because of their dynamics and ability to be used by anyone with back problems or that are in wheelchairs.  Introducing these spaces, and helping clients continue to keep them up, is important for their physical and mental health.




The Garden Crew

Creating sustainable environments that preserve the health and beauty of nature. A place of peace and abundance for the body, mind, and soul. Improving the environment in our community, by adding a few Green Touches.

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