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Our Story

Jason Arnott - Founder and Owner
Landscape Drawing

Jason Arnott founded Earth Environments in 2007 on the basis of quality design principles and the ultimate and ambitious goal of making our world a more beautiful place. Arnott graduated from Lawrence Technological University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture, followed by a Master of Architecture Degree in "the preservation of existing structures".

Since the beginning, Arnott has developed Earth Environments into a premier design, landscape development and research firm winning countless awards and quickly rising to the top of the industry. Earth Environments is committed to building relationships with its customers and courting them through the process of transforming their vision into reality. This dedication towards excellence and customer satisfaction has propelled Earth Environments towards becoming one of the fastest growing and most well respected landscape design firms in the United States.

Driveway Patio - In Process
Driveway Patio - Finished

Jason Arnott

Founder and Owner

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